N-House Pitch Night AY 2021/22 Sem 1

5 min readNov 11, 2021

Author: Yining (Marcomms Committee Writer)
Reviewed By: Tessa and Jed (AY 21/22 Sem 1 Residential Assistants)

It’s the time of the semester again where we bring back our highly anticipated event of the semester, N-House Pitch Night AY 2021/22! This year’s N-House Pitch Night also marks a very memorable milestone for the N-House community as we are commemorating our 10th Year Anniversary. Even amidst the global pandemic situation, we were glad to see many teams stepping up to realise their entrepreneurial dreams with their innovative and insightful pitch.

For this year’s Pitch Night, we are honoured to have been able to invite an amazing panel of judges, with Hussein Sulaiman representing NUS Enterprise, Augustus Ilag representing Sequoia Capital, Bernadette Cho representing Entrepreneur First, Garry Huang representing 500 Global, Tianyao Liu representing Xfers and last but not least, Cody Anderson representing Carta. With the judges’ rich experiences and expertises in the entrepreneurial field, we were certain to gain a lot of intensive and exciting learning opportunities.

Let’s move onto the teams who’ve had their hands in this semester’s Flagship Pitch Night Competition.

First up, we have Edukamy.

Edukamy is a gamified educational mobile application with the mission of delivering fun and engaging learning solutions to learners free-of-charge.

The aim of Edukamy is to provide solutions to mitigate the systemic disadvantages that low-income students face through education. With Edukamy, the playing field is levelled at low-income students are able to access virtual tuition affordably via a gamified platform.

Next up, we have FitBite.

FitBite is the first social platform curating healthy eats for the modern consumer to discover, purchase, and collect in real-time — making healthy eating a simple and social journey.

“Here at FitBite, we believe that discovering healthy meals and building a lifestyle around it shouldn’t be difficult or lonely. That’s why we built the first social platform to reimagine how modern consumers like you and I develop a healthy diet. Inspired by the culture and communities while we were on NOC in Silicon Valley, we hope to reimagine and simplify the healthy eating journey!”

Interested to find out more about FitBite? Click this link below: https://fitbite.sg/

Following which, we have Aprice.

aprice is an AI-powered and customisable pricing engine for ecommerce that employs customer-based pricing strategies.

After an intense pitch by all the teams, we are pleased to announce the top three teams who would be eligible for the NUS Enterprise VIP $10K Grant. Drum Rolls please…

Coming in third place as well as the Audience Choice for the Night, we have Hivebotics.

Co-founded by Rishab and Tuan Dung Ngyuen, HiveBotics is a robotics startup based in Singapore, aiming to reduce menial tasks and hard labour by creating a fleet of autonomous robots controlled through a cloud management system. Currently, HiveBotics is looking to focus on building an autonomous bathroom cleaning system for the commercial sector/Hospitality Industry.

In second place, we have Traverse.

Traverse is a peer-to-peer community and marketplace platform that helps individuals pick up and grow in their hobbies & skills sustainably.

And for the first place, we have Homematch.

HomeMatch is changing the way Homeowners meet Renovation Vendors by making the process more human and more personalised. But most importantly, their goal is to change the renovation industry for the better by creating a system of trust. This is accomplished through providing both financial and service guarantees so Homeowners no longer have to feel anxious when renovating their homes.

Last but not least, for our N-House Odyssey Fund (previously known as the $5k NOC Alumni Grant), we have huCap.

huCap is a FinTech-as-a-Service that enables tech bootcamps to offer an Income Sharing Agreement financing option for underprivileged students in Southeast Asia.

All four teams would be walking away with a 3 years Software Pass Subscription Package sponsored by SUBX, 4.8K SGD worth of start-up kit credits for professional services like accounting, development and marketing etc. sponsored by SEED ventures, 18 month fee-waiver of Accept API, Free Account setup fee, maintenance fee and account withdrawal fee by Xfers, 1 on 1 sessions on equity management/fundraising/investor relations and reporting + 50% off paid Carta plan sponsored by Carta, free AWS support inclusive of credits and more sponsored by AWS.

Let’s put our hands together to congratulate these groups once again!

Indeed, the captivating and compelling pitches were truly a testament to all the gruelling hours of ideation and hard work that each group has put in. Even amidst the global pandemic situation, with all the uncertainties that surrounds us, the groups emulated the “Never Say Die” spirit, continuing their discovery to solve problems and build new solutions with the potential to bring about positive impacts.

Lastly, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our panel of judges, our sponsors — SUBX, xfers, Kingdom Food Group, MGP The Label, Carta as well as SEED Ventures.

Not forgetting our N-House Coordinator and Residential Mentor, Siti, Amir and Harpreet, and last but not least, to all the participating groups and participants who have made this event possible.

As Bruce Lee once mentioned “Remember, success is a journey not a destination. Have faith in your ability. You will do just fine.” To all our N-House residents, let’s continue to fuel our young and feverish interest in entrepreneurship!

Didn’t manage to attend the event? Or wish to catch those amazing pitches again? Check out the recording of the event here: https://nus-sg.zoom.us/rec/share/0OWKLx7fEfC-K-yb-XxE0BHyN02XcQ2FyXtxiayhkrsnRtpN9oRy_9OIRQShcUCa.4eR-AiqUp8TNhlTB?startTime=1634727774000

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