Investment Opportunities in SEA

What makes SEA so attractive?

There has been an exponential growth in deal volume and deal size in SEA, growing from an annual deal volume of half a billion in 2013, to 3 billion in 2018. There are many reasons for this growth. There is an increasing trend in smartphone penetration rate as well as the growing middle class in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. This can determine a lot of things: the number of people online, the number of people who can afford and consume the products and services and how big the market can grow to. This directly affects the market penetration rate and growth for consumer-facing companies.

Popular Trends in SEA

Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence over the retail sector, specifically the e-commerce sector, across the SEA region. However, are there any sectors we should be looking out for as well? The panel has also discussed about what Venture Capitalists (VCs) like them are looking for now.

What Are Some Tips You Have for Budding Startup Founders?

VCs provide holistic support to startups, extending far beyond funding to providing mentorship and networks. Thus, most venture capitalists possess extensive startup experience and some were previously founders themselves. Our speakers shared 3 tips for prospective startup founders.



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