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4 min readApr 22, 2020


Thinking of whether to apply to stay at N-House? Wondering what is the life like here? Here’s what our residents have to say after staying in N-House for 1–2 semesters!

AY1920 Sem 2 Welcome Day

How would you describe your N-House stay in 1–2 sentence? :)

My N-House experience has been awesome!! I’ve been exposed to various ideas and models for entrepreneurship by guest speakers, and on top of that, N-house has allowed me to meet new friends who are all very sociable, and we often come together through supper or sports!

-Kai Chao (Sheares Blk D)

What was your favourite Wicked Wednesday event this sem? Why?

My favourite Wicked Wednesday event this sem is “Sharks Panel: Scaling your startup to SEA and beyond”. Definitely a very precious opportunity to get an insider’s look into a VC’s mind, and a lot of valuable insights were shared directly by VCs. The event was super helpful to me to know more about how to approach fundraising and establishing trust with VCs. Thanks N-House for organising this event!

-Cai Yuqian (Kent Ridge, Blk A)

As a sub-comm member, what was your greatest takeaway?

“I was part of the External Committee as a Sub-Comm Member. Together with another Sub-Comm Member, we were responsible for handling Pitch Night 2020. In light of COVID-19, we had many last minute changes, so I was glad that I was able to help scout for judges through my own network. The greatest takeaway for me was being able to meet and work with people who are interested entrepreneurship.”

-Johanna (Kent Ridge Blk C)

As a sub-comm member of the Internal Events Sub-Committee, it was really the greatest pleasure to be able to connect N-House members and bring them joy to lighten up the semester!! I was in charge of planning the Valentine’s Day gift exchange together with Darryl. It was such a sweet and endearing event when we saw how happy our N-House members were to receive unexpected handwritten mail from their friends! We will continue to strive to bring everyone together and to create more memories together as one N-House 🧡

-Chinn Fang (Sheares Blk E)

N-House Badminton jios

What is your favourite memory from N-House and why?

Hanging and catching out with old and new NOC friends during suppers. Also, the sports and late running jios to chill and relax after intense day!

-Xuan Min (Sheares Blk A)

N-House Movie Night

My favourite N-House memory is movie night! It was fun to watch such a thrilling and exciting movie with fellow n-house residents although we had to sit and share snacks 1m apart

-Roy (Sheares Blk A)

If you could relive this sem, how would you change your N-House experience?

I think what I would change is to have more opportunities to connect with all N-House members and fully experience all the bonding activities. Its a shame we didn’t get to because of the Covid ):

-Maw (Sheares Blk B)

What would you miss most ?

The community here. I made a lot of really good friends in N-House. I find that I manage to click with a lot of people here. Who knows? Maybe it’s because of our shared experience of having gone through NOC.

-Natania (Kent Ridge, Blk D)

N-House Virtual Photoshoot

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