Hear from our Resident Assistants (RAs)

5 min readApr 24, 2020

Are you thinking of applying to be an RA? Not sure what the role is about or what experiences you will gain? Hear from our RAs this sem!

AY1920 Sem 2 RAs

What’s your favourite memory for your RA journey?

All the gossips and unfiltered conversations/discussions with the fellow RAs. 3am spams covering random topics (and jokes ahemahahahaha) and coming up with stupid projects just because :’) I’ll miss ya’ll ❤

-Quek (Sheares Hall, NCSH B30)

Why did you apply to become an RA?

I had a great time during my NOC and I loved organising gatherings or trips with my dearest NCSH batchmates. I was sad that communal life with them was coming to an end, but I knew the friendship forged will last! So I asked many of my batchmates to apply for N-House. I also wanted to get to know everyone else from all the other colleges and to help foster bonds within the community for everyone to connect.
Am glad I got the opportunity to bring more people together and personally connect with more like-minded individuals. I also had opportunities to host events/moderate panels (a huge passion of mine). Most importantly, I got to work with this amazing bunch of RAs who will be close friends forever ❤

-Rae-Nyse (Sheares Hall, NCSH B31)

How would you summarise your RA experience!!

Absolutely amazing! I got to meet so many new people with such a variety of experiences, interests and knowledge. I’m always humbled by all the intense people we have in N-House and honestly I’m always inspired by them as well. My favourite part of being an RA is being a sort of connector that connects people with new people! It’s always so nice to see people make new friends and bounce ideas off each other. Being an RA is soooOOO FUN!!!!!

-Cordi (Kent Ridge Hall, NCSH B30)

Being an RA for 3 sems, what do you think is one tradition that future batches of RAs should definitely continue and why?
(FYI, the instructions was actually 3–4 liner :D)

There are numerous signature events that have been a constant since the start of N-House such as Welcome Day to initiate the residents, Pitch Night for aspiring entrepreneurs to give their shot at the $10k grant and End-of-Sem BBQ for everyone to destress, chill and be around each for one last time! There are other events that were rolled out for better team building such as dragon boating, yoga session, steamboat parties etc. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the luck to experience some events this semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. However, we made do with it and came out with alternatives such as having unofficial dinner dates online to keep in touch with one another. All the events were planned for with the thoughts of our residents in mind because we wanted them to have fun together, to laugh together and get closer together, but keeping the social distancing required.

There are no hard and fast rules on what RAs must do during their term. Nevertheless, a personal recommendation would be to move in on the morning of the official shift-in day, so that you can be there to welcome all the residents under your care and provide assistance if needed such as communicating with the admin staff for extension because there will definitely be blur residents who will forget the last check-in timing or those who arrive fashionably late. Additionally, it will be great if you can personally go door-to-door to introduce yourself and have a simple and short conversation to understand each other’s expectations, so that both parties can help each other define how the semester will turn out.

-Shibin (Kent Ridge Hall, NCIS B15)

How have you grown from your RA experience or journey?

The N-House experience had been an enriching and fulfilling one. I really enjoyed the company of being in a community filled with talented and ambitious individuals who all share the same pursuit of innovation or coming up with creative solutions. As an RA, you get to build closer relationships as you work closely with each other and the sub committees on events that can bring the community closer through their shared entrepreneurial interest! I truly enjoy my time here :)

-Shaik (Kent Ridge Hall, NCTO B1)

What would you say to future RAs?

The RA journey is a short one that you definitely should try if you find joy in being part of the entrepreneurial journey of many people. Challenge yourself to try things out of your comfort zone, be it moderating a panel or organising sporting events, you may very well discover a secret talent you never knew! Most importantly, stay curious, talk to as many people as you can, and have fun!! :D

-Sam (Sheares Hall, NCSE B2)

We hope you have lots of fun and help to continue traditions to forge even tighter bonds within the N-House community!




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