Hear from our Advisers!

3 min readApr 26, 2020

Ever wondered who’re the ones behind N-House, powering the RAs and residents with advice and guidance? Hear from them!

Across all the batches of N-House residents you’ve came across, what was the most interesting profile you will always remember?

The most interesting profile is an ex-resident who will diligently clean up the Venture Lab at our old premises, at PGPR. He will sweep and mop after each Wicked Wednesday session, and shared that it is important to upkeep the facilities for the benefit of everyone. To him, and many others N-House’s resident*, this not only an accommodation but it is a Home on Campus!

-Hui Min (NOC Senior Manager — Community Engagement & Development)

What are some memorable incidents during resident mentor consultation and why?

1. Accident from me: I was 30-mins late for a 8am mentorship session during 19/20 Semester One. Why: automatic reminder failed and somehow did not check schedules the night before (probably too tired) lost track of time. it still happened and had a good session;

2. [another one that i felt most guilty was that i missed one evening session completely. I think it was caused by last minute conflict with work schedule. Subsequently rescheduled twice using scheduling AI to make it up.

3. accident from resident: one resident booked the wrong date. this happened quite recently. The intended meeting was for Wed night via video conferencing. the booking was Tuesday night. I was tired from work and went for a nap before 10pm. i sent a message to the student and only realised the meeting is meant for Wednesday. well i could have napped longer. =p

lessons learned: communicate, communicate, communicate

i had talked (1-on-1 or teams) with over 100+ residents in the past 3 semesters. it has been great knowing all of you. stay connected via bit.ly/fbnoca and stay tuned for the FB live talks.

-David (Resident Mentor, NOC Silicon Valley Alumni, current Head of Regional Fintech, DBS Innovation Group, Ecosystems & Innovation)

What would you want to say to i) all current N-House residents, ii) RA team iii) Future residents & RA!

Current NHouse Residents:
We’re sort of in a crisis now, find your opportunity! =D

NHouse RAs:
Smashing job this semester. You guys managed to pull off quite a few good things despite the roadblocks that came our way.

Future Residents and RAs:
Get to know your fellow residents and don’t forget to talk to each on your startup ideas!

  • Benedict (N-House Resident Adviser)

Feel free to reach out to Hui Min, Benedict or David if you have any questions or need any advice! They are the friendliest and most helpful mentors ever :D




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