Budding Startups in N-House!

4 min readApr 15, 2020

Hello! You must be wondering who has been hustling hard and working on some brilliant ideas. N-House is housing many founders of amazing startups and here’s a list of them!

  • Dutch
    by Mark Ang (N-House resident,NCSV) & Clement Tan (NCSV)

Dutch organizes all your shared expenses and IOUs in one place. Everyone can see who and what they owe and it makes it easier to split bills with friends and family. Whether you are having a wonderful dinner with old friends, sharing a vacation in Bangkok, or paying someone back for supper, Dutch makes life easier.

  • Kopi-C
    by Glendon Gwee (N-House Resident) & Kang Choon Kiat (NCNY)

Kopi-C is a business newsletter which provides bite sized news covering sectors such as Finance, Economy, Politics ,Technology and Homefront (Singapore). Kopi-C’s target audience are University students and Young Working Adults.

  • MatcHub
    by Rayse Yeo, Noel Wong, Jolies Tan (N-House Residents, NCSH), Vivian Chan (NCSH)

MatcHub is an AI powered platform that matches talents to companies using intelligent job matching algorithm that profiles candidates based on their career aspirations, personality and soft skills, in addition to their CV and experiences. Through MatcHub, recruitment process is more efficient and fairer.

MatcHub’s team: Vivian Chan (NCSH), Jolies Tan, Rayse Yeo, Noel Wong (N-House residents, NCSH), Hector

“We want to help every clueless student discover and pursue a career path that fulfills their goals and aspirations; and help employers to find suitable and dedicated interns that can add value to the company.”

  • ViraSpace
    by Shaik (N-House Resident, NCTO), Ryan and Alicia (NCTO)

Connecting innovators across SEA

Ryan, Alicia, Shaik

“We want to accelerate innovation in Southeast Asia by helping to connect all entrepreneurs and aspiring innovators! We believe we can do a lot more together”

  • ReSieve
    by Neo Kang Wei, Ng Hao Yuan (N-House Residents, NCBJ), Jocelyn Tan, Dalson Tan (NCBJ), Pereira Yip (NCSV)

How can we solve the World’s most pressing problems? How can companies innovate and better reach out to their target users? How can university students or researchers get the best data for their research?

Data holds the key to these questions, but collecting quality research data is difficult — we know, we’ve been there. ReSieve solves this by seamlessly connecting researchers with participants. We enable and drive large-scale research data collection quickly and reliably.

Virtually anyone can participate in our research projects to earn good income, at your own time!

  • Kreature
    by Raymond Victorio Handoko (N-House Resident, NCSE)

A marketplace for independent creators to create and sell lifestyle products with zero cost and zero hassle

Kreature’s Team
  • Waffle
    by Renyi Tan (N-House Resident, NCNY), Zames Chua, Auston Quek, Wayne Wee (N-House Residents, NCSV), Songshan Jia (NCSV)

Modern POS software that empowers small & medium business owners to make smarter decisions and offer customers the best experience.

    by Loh Wen Ye (N-House Resident)

ELEVATE is an AI-driven, next-generation curated itinerary & customer management platform for travel agents.

  • JusAsk
    by Soe Laminn Maw (N-House Resident), Sherri Chan, David Goh (NCSH)

A platform that aims to provide fast, affordable and reliable help on assignments for university students by university students.

  • Fun Fish
    by Terrence Tan (N-House resident, NCIS)

-To make gaming fun again

All the best to the budding startups in N-House! Who knows, maybe few years down the road, some of them might grow to become unicorns! ;)




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