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Written by: Clyde (N-House Resident Assistant for AY2020/21 Sem 2) and Sylvia (N-House Resident for AY2020/21 Sem 2)

Once again we have arrived at our flagship event for every semester of N-House, Pitch Night! Fortunately, with the slight lifting of the COVID measures, the team is thankful to be able…

Written by: Austin, Christine, Steve (N-House Residential Assistants for AY2020/21 Sem 1)

It is the time of the semester again for Pitch Night, one of N-House’s flagship event organized every semester. Despite the COVID-19 situation, it did not dampen the entrepreneurial spirit among our N-House residents as we have 10…

Ever wondered who’re the ones behind N-House, powering the RAs and residents with advice and guidance? Hear from them!

Across all the batches of N-House residents you’ve came across, what was the most interesting profile you will always remember?

The most interesting profile is an ex-resident who will diligently clean…

Are you thinking of applying to be an RA? Not sure what the role is about or what experiences you will gain? Hear from our RAs this sem!

What’s your favourite memory for your RA journey?

All the gossips and unfiltered conversations/discussions with the fellow RAs. 3am spams covering random…

Thinking of whether to apply to stay at N-House? Wondering what is the life like here? Here’s what our residents have to say after staying in N-House for 1–2 semesters!

How would you describe your N-House stay in 1–2 sentence? :)

My N-House experience has been awesome!! I’ve been exposed…

Hello! You must be wondering who has been hustling hard and working on some brilliant ideas. N-House is housing many founders of amazing startups and here’s a list of them!

  • Dutch
    by Mark Ang (N-House resident,NCSV) & Clement Tan (NCSV)

Dutch organizes all your shared expenses and IOUs in one…

Pitch Night is the flagship event for N-House. For the first time, we hosted a virtual pitch session on Zoom and Facebook Live! With more than 100 audience on zoom and over a thousand views on Facebook, virtual Pitch Night AY1920 Sem 2 garnered positive responses and witnessed many interactions…

In this week’s Wicked Wednesday, we had the privilege to invite three guest speakers, Eugene Ng, Nathaniel Yim and Matthew Spriegel, to share their experiences growing their start-ups and give us tips on how we should go about growing our businesses. …

During our very first Wicked Wednesday this term, Dylan Teo, co-founder of Kiasu Foodies and Huang Tao from Protegé Ventures came down to share about how to think of great ideas.

After the sharing, everyone got the opportunity to share their own ideas with the other residents… and here are…

Yesterday, the residents feasted at the annual End of Sem BBQ at Prince George Park Residences. NOC returnees from all batches were invited to enjoy a delicious spread of food from satay, chicken wings, otah to lasagna, marshmellow and cheeseballs.

Everyone shared a good laugh and a hearty meal. Thank you to those that volunteered to cook up the foods despite the sweltering heat from the charcoal. In the meantime, residents mingled and shared personal endeavors.

From the start of the semester till the last Wicked Wednesday BBQ, the bonds that had formed through N-House has been invaluable. A community of like-minded individuals that had returned from their own NOC journeys.


Welcome to N-House (Sheares & KR), the place where entrepreneurial minds meet and live next to each other. Find out more at

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